Remembrance Day 2018

Sunday 11th November.

Remembrance Day - always on a Sunday in the UK and Armistice Day in France marked on November 11th, fell on the same day this year. Because it was a special year marking the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, it was thought that an exchange  wouldn't be possible. However it was lovely to hear that a small party consisting of Yvette and Pascal [they had not been to Remembrance Day in Eastry for 12 years] and Patricia the jumelage President  would come to Eastry from Longpré for Remembrance Day.

I was unable to be there as we were visiting family in Wales, so I was relying on someone to write up this event for me. I had the idea that it would be good to hear what our visitors made of the day and so I approached Yvette to write something. She willingly agreed and so below is what she had to say, the translation into English will appear below Yvette's piece.

  By Yvette  "We liked this day because there are big emotions"

Le Samedi nous avons visité Sandwich et avons observé les décorations des vitrines mais aussi les lieux comme les places où les hommes comme le cheval sont à l’honneur ainsi que le symbole du coquelicot.


Le parc des armes à feu

Autrefois Cricket Meadow

Obusier britannique Mark Vl de 8 pouces

Portée 10 000 verges Poids: 9 tonnes 9 cwt

Un contingent de la Royal Garrison Artillery était stationné sur le Cricket Meadow en 1915 avec des canons similaires à ceux ci-dessus.

Les canons ont été entraînés sur la côte à Deal afin de pouvoir faire face à toute menace d'invasion.

Les armes n'ont jamais été tirées au combat

Cette zone de loisirs est connue plus tard sous le nom de Gun Park.

Le dimanche nous avons participé à l’inauguration d’une plaque commémorative pour mettre à l’honneur le canon de défense des troupes anglaises dans le village d’EASTRY c’était très émouvant et cette plaque est d’une grande beauté.

Ensuite nous sommes allés au cimetière pour participer au dépôt de gerbes mais surtout pour écouter chacun des noms des soldats morts à la guerre. C’était très émouvant. Avec une participation très importante des écoliers et des villageois ainsi que des représentants de nombreuses corporations. Patricia a déposé une gerbe au nom de l’Amicale Franco Anglaise.







Après ce moment fort en émotion et tristesse nous sommes entrés dans la belle église d’Eastry pour participer à la messe. Pascal a eu l’immense honneur d’allumer la lanterne.

La messe finie nous nous sommes retrouvés au Five Bells où nous avons partagé un repas avec quelques- uns de nos Amis Anglais.

Nous sommes repartis le cœur rempli de bonheur et la joie d’avoir participé à cette belle et grande journée de mémoire. Nous mesurons la grande importance de ce jour et la chance de pouvoir y participer.


  Merci à Terry, à la Legion Britanique et vive EASTRY et l’Amitié Franco Anglaise.

English Version

  By Yvette  "We liked this day because there are big emotions"

On Saturday we visited Sandwich and looked at the windows decorated for the occasion. We also had a look around the town and the square, where the soldiers, as well as horses and the symbol of the poppy, were venerated.  [Ed. I think the wire horse statue commemorated the huge number of horses that were used and died in the Great War as in 'War Horse']

The Gun Park
Formerly Cricket Meadow

British 8-inch Mark Vl Howitzer
Range 10,000 yards Weight: 9 tons 9 cwt
A contingent of the Royal Garrison Artillery was stationed on the Cricket Meadow in 1915 with guns similar to the above
The guns were trained on the coast at Deal in order to respond to any invasion threat.
They were never fired in anger.
This recreational area later became known as the Gun Park.

On Sunday we took part in inaugurating a new commemorative plaque for the field guns installed in the village of Eastry to protect against invasion. It was very moving and the plaque is beautiful.

Next we went to the cemetery to lay wreaths and, most importantly, to listen to each and every name of the soldiers from Eastry who died in the war, as they were called out. It was a moving ceremony, attended by school children, villagers and representatives from local businesses. Patricia laid a wreath in the name of British-French friendship.






After this poignant moment, we went into Eastry's beautiful church to take part in the service. Pascal had the enormous honour of lighting the lantern.

The service finished, we headed to the Five Bells where we shared a meal with some of our British friends.

We left, our hearts full of joy at having participated in such a beautiful day of remembrance. We appreciated the great importance of this day and the chance to take part in it.


Thank you to Terry, twinners and to the British Legion. Long live Eastry and British-French friendship!


Thanks to Yvette for her write up and to Yvette and Paul for the photographs.